The Incider
Issue 18
'The most funniest website I think I've seen on the Internet'
October 2004

Ellis aka BSA is the latest addition to The Incider's legendary Who Are Ya? rogues gallery of shameless self-publicists. It's the section which gives City fans a chance to identify themselves and thrust their own list of likes and dislikes down other people's throats. Even the ones who quite frankly would do better e-mailing their photos to the X-Files in the hope of getting work as an extra. So come on, we want to know who you are, what you look like and what you think. Keep those photos coming! Make Tomarse feel he's not the only misfit on earth. Email with your vital stats and a pic.


Real Name: Ellis, and I live in gas territory (Horfield), although you would
never notice by looking at it. I'm 15, and I've been a City fan for longer
than I can remember.

First Game: City v. Sunderland , first game of (I think) the 95/96 season,
Best Ground: Stadium Of Light, Sunderland (not Benfica). What a stadium,
what a great game!
Worst Ground: Old Wigan ground ( Springfield Park ), comes just ahead of the
new Wigan ground (JJB Stadium). No atmosphere in either.
Best Game: Seeing as it's so fresh in the memory: City 2 Hartlepool 1,
Play-Off 2nd Leg.
Worst Game: Blackpool 5 City 1, 2001 I think, loads went up there and City
let us down.
Best Current Player: Tommy Doc, no question.
All Time Favourite Player: Aggo. I'm now an armchair 1860 Munich fan.
Hobbies: Music - playing guitar, playing and watching footy.

Briz Cidered

I am 17, and my first City match was against Port Vale on my 9th birthday. I usually sit in the Dolman Stand, however if the East End is opening as frequently as it is now I hope I never sit in the Dolman stand again, East End forever.

Real Name: Mike Millard
Favourite current player: Tommy Doherty/Brian Tinnion

All-time favourite player: Brian Tinnion/Greg Goodridge

Favourite match: My personal favourite match was December 22nd 2001 Ashton Gate Stadium, When we hammered the Gas 3-0.

Least favourite away ground: Harrogate Railway was a Son of a b*tch, had to walk across a field to get to it and froze like an eskimo's balls in a temporary stand. League Ground has to be.......Brighton, poor capacity for away fans, no roof, view about 50 yards from pitch, and you have to go through an undergound labyrinth to get to the stand.

Proudest moment: Watching City at the Millenium Stadium in the LDV Final 03, fantastic occasion for all City fans lucky enough to be inside the stadium.

I have followed City since 1970 when my Dad took me down to see City lose 0-4 to an Oxford United team that included Ron Atkinson. I've lived through promotion to the top div, the plunge to Div 4, Freight Rover and LDV triumphs, 1982 and all that, and the slow but steady recovery. Having given up Saturday football due to long term injury - and creeping age - I now go to most home matches.

Real Name: Tony Roberts (no NOT the Dag & Red 'keeper!)

Fave Current Player: Tinman

All-Time Fave Player: Paul Cheesley

Fave Match: hard to choose but I'll go for the memory of City vs Portsmouth in '75/'76 when we got promotion. It was a cack match and after the 4th minute goal nerves got to players and fans but the occasion was one to cherish.

Proudest moment: Watching City beat Liverpool 2-1 in 76'/77 to set up the famous survival game with Coventry. Liverpool had just won the league and were in the finals of the FA and European Cups, and City overcame a 0-1 deficit to beat them in front of 38,000 lunatic supporters.

Real Name: Alex Dalwood
Favourite current player: Tommy Doherty
All-time favourite player: Brian Tinnion, Scott Murray and Junior Bent
Favourite match: Liverpool vs City in the FA Cup. I remember my uncle went and bought me a programme. It was great. I went to school the next day and I could brag about a result for once.
Least favourite away ground: The old Reading ground because that’s the only away ground I have been to.
Proudest moment: When City got promoted under John Ward. Me and my mate Ben went on the promotion tour bus. It was amazing – and having a banquet in the Council House with all the City players was great. Seeing everyone from Ashton Gate to College Green was great too. Hopefully we can do it again this year.

Rew 1984

I'm 19. I come from the lovely rural backwater of Midsomer Norton, but since I was born in Paulton hospital I am technically Bristol born and bred. I now live in Southmead, attend U.W.E. doing Business Studies and hope to one day make loads of money and use it to finance City. I don't get to go to the Gate often because I work Tuesday and Saturday evenings, but I used to go quite regulary as a kid with my family. I'll keep dreaming about getting a season ticket in the future, and watching City in the Premiership.

Real Name: Rob Weeks.
Favourite current player: Tommy Doherty
All-time favourite player: Brian Tinnion, Bob Taylor and Jacki D (don't ask
me to choose one)
Favourite match: Bristol City vs. Liverpool in the FA Cup. (Mainly because I
got on TV when the lights went out. You could just about see me walking
back from the toilet in the Dolman. I remember walking back thinking "I'm
sure it just got darker...")
Least favourite away ground: Have to admit I've never been to an away match. So I'll have to say the Memorial Stadium (surely should be done under the trade descriptions act. I mean... 'stadium'?!?)
Proudest moment: It will be when I finally convert my long-suffering girlfriend into being a City fan. I got her to the LDV final despite the fact that she hates the game, so that's a start. Then again, it may have been the time my nan turned round and told
someone off for swearing constantly in the family section of the Dolman, and
the whole block started clapping...

Essex Red

Real name: Phil
Favourite current player: Tommy Doherty
Favourite all time player: Bob Taylor
Favourite match: Drawing 1-1 away at Forest in the League Cup.
Least favourite away ground: Colchester's Layer Road. It is just crap
Favourite away ground: Madjeski Stadium. It's mad!
Proudest moment: Waking up thanking God I'm not a Rovers fan.


I'm Gary, 18, from the United States. I've never been to England in my life and certainly not to a Bristol City match in person. But I’m damned if there’s anything that can keep me away from the computer on Saturday mornings (10am kick-off in the US because of the itme difference!) or mid-week to listen to the full 90 Minutes of EVERY Bristol City game. My other hobbies are bowling, (Scholar Athlete 2002-03 Season \0/) , auto racing and football (Midfield/Backup Goalkeeper).

Real Name: Gary Shultis Jr
Location: New York, USA
Favourite current players: Liam Rosenior, Lee Peacock
All-time favourite player: Marvin Brown (Yes I know he's still in the squad :D)
Favourite away ground: Old Trafford
Least favourite away ground: Gay Meadow
Favourite match: Bristol City 5-4 Mansfield Town (3 goals at games end to prevail from 2-4 down...)
Pet hate: (?) Not being able to get my own Bristol City Kit to proudly wear around town because 1) Online Order form doesn't allow me to Add "Shultis Jr" and "14" to the reverse side and 2) I don't have the slightest idea how much it costs and if I ever did find out the exact conversion rate I probably couldn’t afford it anyway.)
Proudest moment: (Not Football - Sorry! :D) Winning my first Auto Race... And then winning my second...

Zider I Up Landlord

Real name: David
Favorite current player: Tommy Doherty
Favorite all time player: Peter Beadle
Favorite match: Beating Cardiff 3-1 on their own turf.
Least favorite away ground: Erm….
Favorite away ground: Stoke City’s Britannia Stadium
Proudest moment: Refer to picture.

Judge Red

I have been supporting the Robins since my dad first took me in 1978 (vs Tottenham Hotspurs). In 1982 I worked for the club on match days selling programmes and refused to be paid each week as the club were in trouble with no money. I then went on to become a steward in the Open End for five years. I have lots of good memories of that period, including the FA cup game against Chelsea when the whole of the Open End was given over to the Londoners. City scored after two minutes (Robbie Turner) and I started celebrating, only to get some really funny looks from the Chelsea fans. They were not amused! We won that day 3-1.

Real name: Paul Stuckey
Favourite current player: Scott Murray
All-time favourite players: Jacki Dziekanowski and Geert Meyer
Favourite match: Liverpool 0 Bristol City 1. What a night!!!!!
Favorite away ground: Anfield
Proudest moment: Playing alongside the old First Division team in a charity game. In the side that day were Donnie Gillies, Geoff Merrick, Clive Whitehead, Tom Ritchie and Trevor Tainton. We won the game 14-3 against a team from Gloucester - and I was asked for my autograph!


Real name: Chris Collins
Favorite current player: Tommy Doherty (A player after my own heart)
Favorite all time player: Dziekanowski (All that entertainment and he managed
to do it while he was half-cut)
Favorite match: 3-1 at Cardiff. Top atmosphere and the kind Taffs threw enough
money to me to cover half the cost of my ticket.
Favorite away groung: Madejski stadium - What we should be looking to do
Proudest moment: Achieving my second Dan in karate


My real name is Hazel McDonald. I’m the mum of six sons. I work nights but try to get to watch the City as often as funds and time will let me.

Favourite current player: Matty Hill
All-time favourite player: Um?
Least favourite away ground: Erm…
Favourite match: Away to Cardiff last December.
Proudest moment: ?


My real name is Stuart and I’m 18 years old. I’ve been watching City since I was about 11. This is my fourth season of having a season ticket. My first match was the Chris Garland testimonial against Manchester United (3-3)

Favourite current player: Louis Carey
All time favourite player: Shaun Goater
Favourite away ground: Bloomfield Road
Least favourite away ground: Ninian Park
Favourite match: 3-1 at Cardiff last year!

Glyn Rileys Mullet

My real name is Matt and Im 26 years old. I’ve been watching City since I was about seven. Oh, the years of hurt!

Favourite current player: Tommy D
All time favourite: Alan Walsh
Favourite away ground: Sixfields, Northampton
Least favourite away ground: Memorial Stand...sorry, stadium.
Favourite match: FA Cup vs Chelsea when we won 3-1.


I’ve been watching the City since 1973.

Favourite current player: Mickey Bell
All-time favourite player: Jacki Dziekanowski
Least favourite away ground: Twerton Park
Favourite match: Derby 3 City 4 (What a buzz)
Proudest moment: Watching Spurs "trying" to take the east end in the late 70s.


My real name is Bethan and I’m 18. Apart from supporting City, my other hobbies are gymnastics and playing tennis. I started going to games a couple of seasons before we got promoted to Division One a few years back. Without a doubt my proudest moment was meeting my hero Clisty!

Favourite current player: Simon Clist
All-time favourite player: Andy Cole
Favourite away ground: Reading (fantastic stadium.)
Least favourite away ground: Brentford (We always lose!)
Favourite match: Reading 1 - 3 Bristol City (Amazing atmosphere matched by a performance only Man Utd could produce!)
Pet hate: People sat behind me CONSTANTLY slagging off players. If that’s all you do at a game, why bother paying your money and turning up?
Best looking player of all time: Alan Smith!


I'm 18 years old and I'm an apprentice electrician. I live in Ashton about two minutes from the ground. On matchdays I work in the City shop with my old man (the bald one). I've always been a City fan for as long as I can remember. My dad really didn't give me a choice about that, so as soon as I was able to kick a football I've been going down Ashton Gate.

My favourite memories of watching the City are going up to Anfield for the great 1-0 FA Cup victory and, although this may sound weird, travelling to Carlisle on the coach to watch us beat them 3-0 a few seasons back.

Favourite current player: Matt Hill
All time favourite player: Dave Martin
Favourite away ground: Brentford (a pub on each corner just shades it for me!)
Least favourite away ground: Filbert Street, Leicester. (Not a good place to go with your girlfriend!)
Favourite Match: Liverpool 0 - 1 City
Pet Hate: Being kept in after games.
Proudest moment: Watching city at Wembley, even if it was in "that" trophy.



The picture shows me and Joe Burnell when I had the opportunity of presenting him with his PFA Player of the Month award.

I have lived in Bristol for ever and supported Bristol City since I was 11, when my grandfather bought me my first season ticket. I have had a season ticket for nearly 30 years on and off, primarily in the Williams Stand as it's the safest place for a 'lone female'.

I'm a golf widow whose husband hates football. We have a ten-year-old son who would rather play than watch football now, so I've saved £30 this year by not buying him a seat which he rarely used. I work for Orange in IT, live in Frenchay and am probably old enough to be Tomarse's mother, but fortunately for him - I'm not.

Favourite players: Matt Hill & Scott Murray
All-time favourite player: Paul Cheesley
Favourite match: City v Portsmouth - 1-0 to win promotion (and I've still got the
bits of grass from the pitch).
Favourite away ground: Wembley (goose bumps all over).
Least favourite away ground: Memorial Stadium/Twerton Park/Eastville.
Pet hate: Bad manners
Proudest moment: Watching my son captain the Colston's under-10 cricket team (Marcus Trescothick - look out!!).


I’ve been a City fan since I was born - yep 43 years ago! Well, that’s what my dad said. He was called home from a game in 1959 (not the Cup final) as I was about to be dropped!
At the age of seven my grandad took me to work with him. He was the groundsman at Farleigh Hospital, where the lads used to train.

When I lived in Bishopsworth, my neighbours included Jack Connor, Mike Gibson (still), Gordon Parr and Chuck Drury (his son Carl was my mate). I was best man to Paul Stevens at his first wedding to his Dutch wife. Ricky Chandler and Russell Musker remain friends. I watched in the Enclosure until I got a season ticket in the new Dolman Stand. The rest is too long to even attempt to write.

Without doubt the Wembley trip to watch the first Bolton game was biggest highlight. There have been too many low points.



I'm 15 and live in Wells, Somerset. I started supporting City properly through the last promotion season under John Ward, becoming hooked and getting my first season ticket in our year in Division One. I have many good memories from the last couple of years which include the 2-1 win at home to league leaders Milwall with a last minute penalty securing the points, wins against Rovers and Reading.

One which stands out, however, is our fantastic victory away to Cardiff last season. Three goals in four minutes is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, but when you're playing Cardiff in their own back yard it is particularly memorable.

Favourite current player: Lee Peacock (Feed the cock and he will score).
All-time favourite player: Shaun Goater (Feed the Goat and he'll score
twice as many as the cock).
Favourite away ground: Madejski Stadium, Reading (impressive complex).
Least favourite away ground: Withdean Stadium, Brighton.
Favourite match: Cardiff City 1-3 Bristol City
Pet hate: Jade off Big Brother (keep your clothes on, for everyone’s sake)
Proudest moment: Doing the official BCFC Prediction League presentation
last year (all hard work made worth it).


My real name is Pete and I live near the Webbington Hotel in. Somerset. My beautiful wife Jill is from Doncaster, so she supports the Rovers – but not the Gas! We have a son Jack, six, and daughter Adrianne, eight. We also have two Labradors and a miniature pot-bellied pig called Charlotte (honest)! I sit in the Williams Stand seat GM10, close to where I used to stand on the terraces.

First City match: Anglo Scottish final vs St Mirren
Favourite current player: Louis Carey for consistency
All-time favourite player: Clive Whitehead.
Favourite home game: City 4, Reading 0 (sheer quality).
Worst away trip: Walsall play-offs. (I hate David Kelly.)
Ambition for City: To stay at Ashton Gate, to always beat the Gas and Cardiff and for us to please most of the fans, most of the time.
Burning question for RedTop: Why the goatie?
Burning question for Edson: Why the photo? Weren’t you the one worried about having your name on your shirt in case you got a slap?
Burning Question for Tomarse: Are you really 23? There’s baby faced and baby faced!


Devon Red

My real name is Rob Bates. I am over 30 but under 40 and still wonder why any league scouts haven't been to see me play. The first game I can remember attending was during the mid-70s against Ipswich in the days when the ground was packed and I could only see one half unless my dad picked me up. I dabble in websites and the picture is the one I doctored on my work website before putting it back! Apologies for the Korean expression.

I still play football on Saturdays so don't get to see as many games as I'd like - and when I do I’m usually rewarded with a display as bad as that against Cambridge last season in the Cup. I’ve been through all the ups and downs and still have eternal hopes of a rise back to the top league. I am also a friend of a colleague of a certain reporter for The Sun. But as with Edson, don't hold that against me.

Favourite current players: Robin Hulbert (livewire who should get more starts) and Matty Hill (if only he was a foot taller).
All-time favourite player: Paul Cheesley (such a shame when he had to retire).
Favourite away ground: Plymouth, Home Park (before it was developed, you could get in for free!).
Least favourite away ground: Swindon (I always end up going in the home end and having to keep quiet).
Favourite match: City 3-0 Bolton, Freight Rover Final (the best sort of day out).
Pet hate: Football being in the winter.
Proudest moment: Runner-up in the South West Novice Mountain Biking Championships. (The bloke who won was in the wrong class, but I'm not bitter).


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