The Incider
Issue 18
'The most funniest website I think I've seen on the Internet'
October 2004

Many thanks to everyone who entered our final caption competition. As you may recall, the picture was taken in the aftermath of Tins' Greek wedding, when Scott Murray was clearly exhausted, as any finely honed athlete would be at that time of night.

It's not easy doing a three mile early morning beach run, followed by two hours of resistance work in the pool, a thorough gym workout, and then being expected to stay awake until 1 a.m., Scott assures us.

The winning entry was sent in by JudgeRed and is shown below.


Thanks to everyone for sending in their entries. The best of the rest are shown below:

Scott dreaming "and its Murray , he's through on goal, the scottish nation
holds its breath's there! 1-0 to Scotland with only a minute
left of normal play.  Are we really going to see Scotland lift the 2008
World Cup?"

Scott dreaming "but Brian, what about <Tins wife name>.  You said we were
finished, you're married now, you have to move on.  What happened between us
was just a drunken night that shouldn't be repeated"

Anne Langley

"Och, Tins man, I just had a nasty dream that I went and played for Reading "!!!

(aka Greg Davies)

Scotty dreaming of a hat-trick against Sheff Wed, and Peacock scoring an own goal.

Then Tins says, "Wake up Scotty, extra training for you until you get back to scoring goals!!".  

Mike Jones.

1) How Scott would look after an interview with Tomarse for 'The Incider'

2) Scott waiting for a phone call from Berti Vogts.


Well, it has to be better than sleeping in a ditch, (allegedly, maybe, it
might have never happened, and certainly not to Ape Eel-Cock or the other
Fellow, who is always Good, Mark my words).

”Wake me up in time for the next penalty, I want to take it.”

Paul Willems


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