The Incider
Issue 18
'The most funniest website I think I've seen on the Internet'
October 2004

Ever get that feeling of overwhelming frustration at not know when the next issue of The Incider is going to be out? We do, and we write the bloody thing.

Do you, like much of the rest of Bristol, lay awake at night with those crucial questions swirling mercilessly around your head:

“What marvelous incisive comment will RedTop make in this month’s OnYerRedTop?”

“How much humiliation can be heaped on the Gas in one issue?”

“How many spelling mistakes can Tomarse make in one sentence?”

“Will it be on time for a change?”

Well fear not. For now the answers to all those questions and more can be delivered directly to your inbox via the wonders of the Internet.

Simply joining The Incider mailing list will give you priority news and events regarding latest issues. There’ll be no more clicking on refresh to see if we’ve finally got out act together and gone online. You will be the first to know.

And don’t worry. We won’t bombard your inbox with unwanted spam or shamelessly flog your details to some mail order company. Your details will remain solely with us and solely to notify you about new Incider issues. We’ll even keep quiet about it if you are one of our many Gashead readers who come on here to keep up with Ray of the Rovers (if only because it’s less comical than real life over at the Mammary Ground).

All you have to do is

Fill out your e-mail address
to receive our newsletter!

It’s as easy as beating the Gas, if not quite so pleasurable.

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