The Incider
Issue 18
'The most funniest website I think I've seen on the Internet'
October 2004




The Incider Team at last seasons LDV Final in Cardiff. Left to Right: Tomarse, Edson, RedTop.

Brian - a.k.a RedTop

Brian, 31, lives further away from Ashton Gate than any other season ticket holder. Probably. He has to make a 6,734-mile round trip to home games from his apartment in mid-town Manhattan, something he does too regularly to qualify for a certificate of sanity. He therefore gets peeved when trans-Atlantic traipses to the Gate via planes, trains and automobiles are rewarded by players who look like they couldn’t be bothered to turn up. He is a reporter on The Sun newspaper, but don’t hold that against him.His first game was a dour 0-0 home draw against Leeds Utd on 28 April 1979, giving him low expectations which have proved excellent preparation for the years since. Sits in Block E of the Dolman Stand, where expectations of crowd noise levels are even lower.

Favourite current player: Brian Tinnion (skill and loyalty)
All-time favourite player: Jacki Dziekanowski (a genius)
Favourite away ground: Wycombe (friendly and we usually win)
Least favourite away ground: Bury (a long drive, always a poor game and a town that makes a Bulgarian shot-putter’s armpit look attractive.)
Favourite match: Liverpool 0 City 1 on 25 Jan 1994 (better than sex and lasted longer.)
Pet hate: Music during games when we score (I don’t need to be told I feel good.)
Proudest moment: Reaching the front of the Dolman food kiosk queue before the end of half time (achieved vs Aldershot on 25 October 1988.)

Huw– a.k.a. Edson

Huw is 32 and remains convinced that one day his footballing prowess will be rewarded with a call-up to the Bristol City squad.

His support of Bristol City transformed into full-blown fanaticism around 1985/86, when he started going to Ashton Gate on a regular basis with a few like-minded friends.

His happiest days at The Gate were during the early 90’s, when Dziekanowski and Cole were in their pomp, and making City look like a genuine First Division side. Jacki’s warm-up routine was worth the admission alone, and a Gashead friend even tagged along on a few occasions just to get a glimpse of Dziekanowski’s genius

Years of agony and expectation have done nothing to diminish his love of City, or his desire to indoctrinate his two young children with the passion for the club that runs through his veins. He is a friend of a reporter for The Sun, but again, don’t hold that against him.

Favourite current player: Christian 'Marmite' Roberts.
All-time favourite player: Jacki Dziekanowski (the best City player I’ve ever seen.)
Favourite away ground: York City (friendliest stewards on the planet and a pleasant day out.)
Least favourite away ground: Rotherham (Possibly the most enclosed and scary approach to any ground.)
Favourite match: Stockport 0 City 4 in 1994 (they thought they’d be playing Liverpool. He he.)
Pet hate: My second hamster Chas, who was bought too quickly after the death of my first hamster.
Proudest moment: The birth of my children (I needed no pain relief on either occasion.)

Tom - a.k.a Tomarse

Baby-faced Tom, 23, has been supporting City over 10 years. He uses his knowledge of computers and web design to tackle the site design and also to baffle RedTop and Edson. He examines different aspects of the club in his Webmarseter column, where his spelling suggests his computer literacy is further advanced than his non-computer literacy.

His first City game was back when Barry Fry was in charge of Southend, flying high in second place in the old Division One. His old man thought it was time to introduce him to the wonderful game, and won Tom’s undying gratitude for taking him down the Gate in time to see the debut of a certain new signing from Celtic. In those days £250k bought you Jacki Dziekanowski instead of an injured Charlton reserve with a dodgy attitude. That’s inflation for you. A 2-2 draw was enough to convert Tom into a season ticket holder the year after the game. He now resides in the Dolman Stand block C, where he manages to catch occasional glimpses of the game between late arrivals shuffling into their seats and early leavers shuffling out of them.

Favourite current player: Christian Roberts (Get off his back!)
All-time favourite player: Jacki Dziekanowski (God)
Favourite away ground: Brentford (great atmosphere)
Least favourite away ground: Chesterfield (miles away, crap ground)
Favourite match: Mansfield Town 4 City 5 (5th goal ranked 'better than sex')
Pet hate: Early leavers from the Dolman Stand
Proudest moment: Made the front cover of City programme vs Grimsby Town (3 Dec 1994) Picture!


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